New dilemmas 

We bought a new truck!! So sadly we are saying goodbye to Big Blue. Our blue truck was only 2 years old, but because we were at 70,000km we decided we should get a new truck with a warranty before hitting the road full time. Plus, we wanted something that would stand out. I think we found it!!! Welcome to the family, Green Envy!!!

So this is where are dilemmas come in. Anyone who has towed anything knows you’re supposed to break in your truck before towing. We are hoping to put on 7000-10,000km on Green Envy before doing any more camping. So we need to figure out some cool trips we can do without the trailer.

We were thinking about driving to NYC. It’s one spot we were planning on stopping at in the fall when we start out on our journey, but it’s close enough to home we thought we could take a few days to go exploring. But we are open to suggestions!! If you have any ideas for some cool road trips, we’d love to hear them!!!

We get our new truck next week!! Our new video will be up soon showcasing our new toy!

Happy Canada day to all of our followers!! Have a safe and happy holiday weekend!!

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