Man, what a week!

I can’t believe how much has happened in the past week. We accepted an offer on our house!! All the appropriate paperwork came thru, so we have an end date, or rather a beginning date? Whichever way you look at it, we have to be out of our house October 2nd!!

We also had vet appointments for both the pups to get them caught up on all their vaccines. Their checkups went great, and we discussed the possibility of having Simon’s teeth looked at by a dental surgeon. The vet said a lot of offices in the states are much cheaper than here in Ontario, so our plan was to find a vet somewhere in Florida while we’re there for the winter. Man how quick things can change.

That day was our home inspection. So after our vet appointment we went to my mom’s to hang out on her deck since we couldn’t go straight home. Simon went to go down the steps, and clumsy little boy that he is, banged his jaw on the way down. We’re not exactly sure what he did, but he knocked one of his bottom teeth loose. So now, instead of planning a dental visit in the near future, we are rushing him to Guelph for emergency dental surgery.

After two more vet appointments that week we had our surgery booked. We kept him comfortable with some anti-inflammatory pain meds and Monday morning we took him to Dr Haws at Animal Dental Care.

The beginning of our appointment started with more worries. Dr Haws was having trouble hearing Simon’s heartbeat, and thought that it could be irregular.  If that’s the case, he wouldn’t be able to have anesthesia, which means he wouldn’t be able to get his teeth fixed, which means his health will just continue to deteriorate. They took him back for a EKG to test his heart while we sat and panicked. Thankfully the EKG came back normal, and the surgery was a go. That was at noon. We now had to find something to keep us occupied for the next few hours.

At 1:30 Dr Haws called with any update. Simon was under anesthetic and doing well, but his teeth were worse than we thought and the only solution is complete extraction and bone graphing to try and strengthen his jaw. The good news, everything will be taken care of in one surgery. The bad news, it’s going to cost us a small fortune. Of course, he’s our baby, and there wasn’t even a second thought. We told Dr Haws to do whatever was necessary to help our baby boy.

Simon’s surgery took place on the same day as the solar eclipse. We headed down to a really cute park by a river in downtown Guelph to try and scope out the sun and walk away our worries. By 3:00 we were anxious and hadn’t heard anything more from the Dr, so we headed back to see if we could get an update.

By that point he was half way done. He was doing fantastically, and everything was going smooth, but we still had to find a way to kill another 2 hours! It was seriously the longest day of our lives. We drove aimlessly around Guelph for another hour and a half (good thing we’re still trying to put some miles on the truck before we leave) but I just had to get back. I needed to be there when he woke up.

We finally got to see him at 6:00. My poor baby was in surgery for 5 hours, but he did remarkably well. He’s now toothless, but Dr Haws did such a good job you can hardy tell until he yawns. He’s still leaning how to eat with his new mouth, so things are a bit messy, but he’s so much happier! And he’s eating more because he doesn’t have any pain!

Now that we have two happy, healthy chihuahuas we can focus on the house. We have less than 40 days and we’re officially homeless! Our major garage sale is coming up this Saturday so we have been sorting and organizing all week. We also started packing, and even got a load of stuff moved to Jeff’s brother already! I feel like we’re on the ball, but I also know this next month is going to fly by.

We are going to try our best to keep up with both the blog and vlog as much as possible this next month, but please forgive us if they’re not as frequent while we tie up all our loose ends. I promise once we are on the road they will be more frequent and more exciting!!

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