Full Time Trailer Living: Day 101

My mom gets here in less than a week! Disney has a deal right now where Canadians get 25% off the ticket prices if you buy online ahead of time. So today I decided to get our tickets. I figured it would be easy, only take a few minutes to fill out the form. Man was I wrong!

I kept getting an error every time I checked out. So I called Disney, and they said it wouldn’t work because our computer is in the states. No problem, my mom can use my information and my account in Canada and take care of it.

Fast forward about 8 errors, two more phone calls to Disney and an hour later. I’ve never been so frustrated. Finally I got through to a supervisor at Disney and we were able to get our tickets!! It was the most ridiculous experience. Disney definitely needs to fix their computer system! The dogs were not impressed.

I tried another instant pot recipe today. We had broccoli and cheddar soup, and it was so good!! And relatively easy to make!! Here’s the recipe:


Our newest episode went up today. Check out our Tiffin tour here:

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