Full Time Trailer Living: Day 216

It was a beautiful day today so we took full advantage and finally got the cupboard doors finished. We looked at putting the new fabric I bought the other day onto the valances too, but unfortunately I didn’t buy enough fabric and we don’t have the right staples.

We had planned on running out to get what we needed for the valances, but when my mom pulled out her lawnmower, Jeff guilted me into going to cut her grass instead. After cutting the grass I did her edging too. She’s been talking about hiring someone to do it since we got here, so I figured I would tackle it while the ground was nice and soft. Jeff even came out to help!! I think we’ve earned our keep for this week!

We went out for a nice night out with Brad and Kristen tonight. This weekend is Sarnia’s craft beer show, so we decided to go check it out! It was much cheaper then the last craft beer show we went to in Palm Springs, and there were actually quite a few brewers there! It was held downtown in the old bayside mall, so after we tried a bunch of beers we took a walk around downtown then headed back to their new house. It was such a fun night!

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