Full Time Trailer Living: Day 217

We are a few steps closer to completing our renovations! Jeff finished off the cupboard doors today. He had to remove the old window film and then he replaced it with the same frosted glass look he did on the kitchen cupboards.

It really is quite the process, but the end product made it totally worth it!

This afternoon I ran out to get the new fabric for our big valance in the slide. I originally went for this shell fabric I saw the last time I went to the fabric store. But when I got there I realized it wasn’t wide enough. Bummer because it’s super cute.

Luckily while I was there I found another pattern that I actually like better, and it was on sale!!

While we were out, I picked up staples for the staple gun. Unfortunately, there are different kinds of staple guns and of course I got the wrong staples. I figured this out after dinner, and had to run back out.

I did manage to get the two smaller valances done, and Jeff even got the blinds installed with them tonight.

Once we get the big valance done, we’re done the slide and can get things put back together!!

It will feel so good to have things back in their places. Next step is around the bed, but we will probably be taking a break. Our friends Logan and Kira will be here soon to visit! We can’t wait to see them and show them around Sarnia!

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