Full Time Trailer Living: Day 218

Our blinds are up and our valances are reupholstered!! I love how it turned out!!! It was much more difficult than we anticipated, but it was totally worth it. The slide looks so much brighter!!

I’ll have to take a picture during the day, but you get the idea. I love the print on our new valance! I even put it above our door!

Jeff painted our hooks so they match too. They used to be beige, and they look so much better now!!

We are slowly getting things put back together. And my mom is slowly getting her house back. We’re taking a break before starting on the bed area. We’re getting sick and tired of painting, and we really want to go at the bedroom area with fresh eyes. It is definitely the focus when you walk into the trailer so we don’t want to mess it up!! Plus, since we’re sticking around this area until after my brother and Kristen’s baby gender reveal party we have more time then we thought we would to focus on our renovations.

Tomorrow we have Luka’s check up vet appointment from her surgery. She has to get another antibiotic shot, but other than that, I think she’s doing really well!

We are also having our Christmas/Thanksgiving/Easter dinner tomorrow! I’m super excited for our big turkey dinner!!!


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