Full Time Trailer Living: Day 219

It’s turkey Tuesday! Mom got up and started the turkey this morning, so by the time we headed into her house it already smelt so good!!

Lukas check up this morning went really well. The vet says she’s doing great, and she got another antibiotic shot and we were on our way.

Since we have most of our trailer done I worked on getting everything put back in its place. We’re also purging things that we haven’t used in the past 7 months on the road. We tried to pack light, but we still have stuff we thought we’d need that we didn’t. We’re still learning as we go, for sure.

While we were organizing our trailer we discovered this little guy inside our microwave.

He’s in between the glass of our microwave and we’re really not sure how to get him out! Do you think if we cook something he’ll turn into spiderman??

Logan and Kira showed up just in time for dinner! It was a big dinner with Brad and Kristen, my poppa, Louise and mom, but we still had leftovers. I’m not surprised, we always over cook for these dinners!

After dinner we decided to just hang out by the campfire. Jeff’s allergies have been really bad today so he went to bed early, but Logan, Kira and I hung out and caught up on our adventures. It’s so good to see them and I’m super excited to take them out and show them our hometown!

I didn’t take hardly any pictures today, so I promise I’ll make up for it tomorrow!


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