Full Time Trailer Living: Day 220

What a beautiful day!! The sun was shining, and it was super hot! Like so hot, we got sandal tans while sitting outside having coffee!!

Since the weather was so nice, we figured today would be a great day to take Logan and Kira to the bridge for french fries! It’s definitely a must do thing here in sarnia! We wandered around down by the water, and even put our feet in!! The water is still freezing cold!

After lunch we took them to canatara beach so they could put their feet in lake huron, then went for a driving tour of the city. One thing that they noticed that I hadn’t really thought about was all of the parks in Sarnia. And it’s true! There is a ton of great green space here!

We decided to stick around the house this evening. We ate leftover turkey, and then played some skip bo and heads up late into the night. Skip bo has been a go to game for me since we were little and camping at Ipperwash with my parents. I love it because it brings me back to the good old days.

Heads up is a new game for us. We’ve seen it on Ellen a few times, but this was our first attempt at it. It was seriously so much fun!! It was definitely after midnight before we wrapped things up. The only reason we decided to pack things in was because we’re going to cheap breakfast at the casino early in the morning with my mom!


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