Full Time Trailer Living: Day 221

It was cheap breakfast day at the casino! For 3 bucks you get bacon, eggs, hashbrowns, toast and coffee! It is such a good deal and their breakfast is always good!

After breakfast we finally picked up our replacement tonneau cover! Jeff had it installed in 15 minutes flat!! I’ve missed having that extra cargo space, and the truck just looks so much better with it on!

Kira and I decided to treat ourselves to a pedicure and some shopping this afternoon. Being on the road and living in such a small space we don’t get to indulge very often in girlie things. Although our shopping mentality has definitely changed, it’s now based more on necessity then want, it was still so much fun!

This evening we took Logan and Kira to Refined Fool and Burger Rebellion for dinner. Of course we had a great meal and this was right up Logan’s alley because he used to be a brewer! It’s so funny, because almost everything we wanted to show them while they were here revolved around food!!

We headed back to “Jackie’s Trailer Park” in time to watch the Big Bang Theory and the Winnipeg hockey game. We also played a game of skip bo and just relaxed and enjoyed my mom’s ginormous tv!

Logan and Kira are planning on leaving soon. I’m hoping they stay for at least one more night because we’re enjoying visiting with them. We are definitely meeting back up with them in California but that’s not until December!!

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