Full Time Trailer Living: Day 222

Why is it so cold today??? The weather is so all over the place. Two days ago we were sweating, today we’re freezing! I swear every time we think we can put the heater away it gets cold again!

Since the weather is not cooperating for hanging out outside today I decided to start on a new video and hide out in the trailer for most of the morning. It’s done and uploaded, so it will be live in the morning!

We took Logan and Kira to Alfie’s for lunch today. It was also on our list of places we had to take them while they were here. I think they’re leaving tomorrow, which stinks, but they have places to go and people to see. I’m so glad they were able to come and stay for as long as they did!!

This afternoon I signed up for ancestry.ca with my mom. It’s pretty interesting so far, and I think we will end up spending a lot of time on it. We were easily sitting in front of the computer for at least two hours this afternoon. We found quite a few ancestors once we got some details from my Poppa.

For dinner tonight I cooked a traditional English roast beef with mashed potatoes, brown sugar carrots, yorkshire puddings and sweet gravy. It’s one of our favourite dinners, so we had to share it with our guests before they leave!

We spent the night playing skip bo and heads up again. Seriously, such fun games!! We end up staying up way later then we normally do, every time we play heads up, but its way too much fun. We keep saying, just one more round, over and over!!


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