Full Time Trailer Living: Day 226

It rained on and off all night last night. I can usually sleep through rain, but for some reason it woke me up a few times. So needless to say, we slept in this morning.

I uploaded a new video this morning during our morning coffee. It’s all about our promotional tour in Mississippi. You can watch it here:

I started on my craft project using beach glass and our sand dollars. I found most of the stuff I needed at the dollar store and Michael’s. I still have to glue everything down, but I think it’s going to look great! I have one more to do, and then we have to figure out where they’re going to hang.

We also got a start on the cupboards around the bed. The most time consuming part is taking the glass and mirrors out of the cupboard doors. Now that it’s done, tomorrow’s painting will hopefully go smoothly.

This evening I took the pups for a walk with Becks and her puppy Luna and Jill and her puppy Birdie. Luna is less than a year, and Birdie is only 4 months. It was a bit wild, but so much fun having all the dogs together. Luka and Simon were so good with the babies!

Tonight was TV bingo night. It’s hosted by the kiwanis here every Tuesday. We played tonight, but didn’t win. It was still fun, and it’s supporting a good cause!


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