Full Time Trailer Living: Day 227

We got back to painting today. We had to move our mattress in order to paint the cupboards surrounding it, and it won’t go out the door very easily. We bought one of those mattresses in a box and opened the box inside the trailer, so getting it in was no problem, but getting it out might be another story. We leaned it up against the slide out, because that’s pretty much the only place we could put it, so our space was very limited today.

We managed to get about 5 or 6 coats of white on all the upper cabinets. We had hoped to get the whole area done in one day, but that definitely didn’t happen. This morning we decided all the lower areas around the bed should be dark grey, so we have that and the walls to finish up tomorrow.

We’re definitely in better spirits after taking that break from painting. My advice if you decided to renovate your trailer, don’t do it!! I mean, the end results are more than we could have hoped for, but the process to get there really stinks.

After dinner I tackled my art project. I got everything glued to the glass and it looks great!

Unfortunately, the hot glue isn’t holding. So it looks like I’m going to have to redo it with a different type of glue. But I’m loving the way it turned out!! I still have a second frame to do, so I’m glad I figured out the glue doesn’t work before I started on the next one!


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