Full Time Trailer Living: Day 229

The final stage of our renovations is the bathroom. We saved it for last because we had to take apart our shower and we were dreading it. Now, it’s all we have left and that’s pretty exciting!!

So, our shower is a corner shower with a glass enclosure. And it is so close to our cupboards that we had no choice but to remove the glass so we can paint the cupboards.

Suprisingly, it wasn’t that bad to get it out. We discussed leaving the glass out and adding a shower curtain instead because the bathroom feels so much bigger with the glass out, but for now we will reinstall it. In the future that may be an option though!

Today I managed to get 4 coats of the white paint on all the cupboards. That was the most grueling part of our entire renovation. Our medicine cabinet is so small, so it was tough to get every part covered. I’m so glad to have it done! All we have left is the cupboard doors and the grey walls, so I may be jinxing us, but I’m going to say our renovations will be done tomorrow!!

It’s looking so good!! I can’t wait to be done. I can guarantee you we will not painting again for a very long time!!


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