Full Time Trailer Living: Day 230

It was another glamorous day of painting. I had to put another coat of white on the cupboards, then the light grey on the walls. Way more tedious than I thought it would be, but it’s looking so good!

We ran out of white paint again, so we had to run out and get more this afternoon. All we had left to paint was the front of the cupboard doors. Talk about frustrating, but at least now we will have some for touch ups.

Since it was late afternoon when we went out to get the paint our cupboard doors are still drying. Our reassembly will have to wait until tomorrow. We did get our shower back together and our bathroom officially feels small again.

This evening the neighbors here decided to light fireworks for the holiday weekend.

We’ve been in the states too much I guess because I thought it was gunshots at first!! In my defense, it was super close and I was outside painting our cupboards in my mom’s gazebo. The dogs stress with fireworks, so they had a rough night. They definitely needed snuggles when it was all over.

Tomorrow we’re headed to my brothers for their gender reveal party!! I can’t wait to find out what they’re having!!


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