Full Time Trailer Living: Day 231

Today is the day! One of the reasons why we have stayed put in Sarnia so long was because of my brother and Kristen’s gender reveal party. We were so excited to find out if we are going to have a niece or nephew to spoil!!

Since the party wasn’t until 2 this afternoon we were able to get our trailer a bit more organized. Our bathroom is now put back together, and we can actually move again! Having the lighter colour has definitely given the illusion of a bigger space. It’s not, and we still run into each other, but at least it looks bigger.

We had a great visit with everyone this afternoon at Brad and Kristen’s. We even shot some video to put together an episode from the party.

They did the reveal via colour cannons. One shot confetti and one shot a coloured powder. Kristen’s friend had the results from her ultrasound and ordered the cannons, so it was a complete surprise for all of our family.

And the results are……

It’s a girl!!!

We are so excited for them!

This evening my mom and I took the pups for a long walk, then I settled in to get some editing done. We were so caught up in our renovations this week, our editing got put on the back burner. Our next video is being processed right now, and should be up tomorrow! It’s our push into Canada, so I’m almost caught up.

Now that our renovations are in the final steps and the party is over we can start planning our next few months. Details will follow soon, I’m sure!! There are so many places we want to see, and after being stationary for the past month and a bit, we’re itching to go!


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