Full Time Trailer Living: Day 232

Well, we have officially overstayed our welcome in my mom’s backyard. We had to move out the trailer so we could cut the grass today, because the grass underneath it was almost long enough to touch the bottom of the trailer.

We got the grass cut, the trimming done, and I even weeded my mom’s garden. We have to earn our keep somehow!! My mom was at art class, so we thought we’d surprise her. We got almost all of it done before she got home.

After we were done outside, we moved our work inside, and tidied up the trailer. We finally put our new bedding in, and have the bathroom back together.

We still have to put our backsplash on, reinstall our crown molding and paint our bathroom door. But other than that, our renovations are done!!! It feels so good to have everything back in it’s place.

We went out for a nice dinner after all our hard work, then headed back to the trailer and just relaxed and enjoyed our new space!

Tomorrow we’re going to pick up a generator. There’s one on sale at Canadian Tire that seems like a pretty good deal. We’ve wanted to have the ability to boondock, and we have flip flopped between solar power and a generator for the past month. We have finally settled on a generator because it’s way cheaper and there’s no installation required. Plus, we don’t plan on staying off grid all the time, just on occasion, so the generator should do the trick.


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