Full Time Trailer Living: Day 233

Well, I read the flyer wrong, and the sale on the generator is over. I guess it’s a good thing we don’t need it yet, and we can wait for one to go on sale again before we buy one. Our plan is to stay in parks for the majority of the summer, so we really don’t need one until the fall. Boondocking is so much easier in the states!

I went with my mom to get our hair done today. We go to my mom’s boyfriend’s daughter, Anita, who owns The Hair Boutique in Point Edward. She does amazing work, and as usual, I love what she did to my hair!

We also worked on the backsplash today. We had to pick up more, of course, but we finally got it done! We had a difficult time deciding where to put it in the kitchen. We knew that we wanted it behind the stove, but continuing it on past the sink gave us some trouble. We ended up going to the edge of the counter, and up the same height for now. We may end up removing some by the door, but we’ll leave it like this for a while and then make a final decision.

The bathroom was much easier. And it looks awesome!

It’s another step done, so I’m happy!

We only have a few more things to do and we’ll be on the road. The summer weather is finally on its way, and I’m glad we got our renovations done before it got here. I’m so ready to have our suntan Saturday’s back!


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