Full Time Trailer Living: Day 234

We woke up this morning, made our coffee, and stared at our backsplash. Something didn’t feel right. It was too much, and too busy of a pattern. So we ended up removing a few rows. It feels much better now.

This is how it looked last night:

And this is what we did this morning

Much better!!

It was such a beautiful day so we spent the majority of the day outside enjoying the sun. We took the dogs to get their nails done and then for a walk with Luna and Becks. We definitely wore them out with all the excitement!

After dinner tonight we went to Lowe’s to pick up the chalkboard paint for our bathroom door. They were having a no tax sale, so we ended up picking up a new faucet for our bathroom as well. We’ve been talking about upgrading for a while now, and I’m so glad we did!! It looks so much nicer!

Tomorrow is supposed to be another beautiful day, so we plan on finishing up the painting we have left outside so we can enjoy the sun! Once we get the door and trim painted and reinstalled we’re done our renovations!!!


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