Full Time Trailer Living: Day 235

We are done painting!!! We painted the bathroom door today with the chalkboard paint.

It was beautiful outside, so we were able to paint outside and suntan in between coats. It felt so good to spend the whole day outside in the heat!

The dogs enjoyed it too!

The paint has to cure for 3 days before we can draw on it, but it looks great! I’m going to get the chalk markers from the dollar store, and then we just have to figure out what we’re going to draw on it. The possible are endless!!

Now that the painting is done, we are able to focus on the rest of the stuff we need to get done while we’re in the area. Jeff wants to get his car out of storage and put some work into it. We will probably keep it with us for the next few weeks while we are travelling around Ontario. I know he has missed being able to drive it.

We also need to get new tires on the trailer and get the chip fixed in the truck’s windshield. Needless to say, our work is not done yet. Our list is getting much smaller tho, and we are so close to being able to hit the road!


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