Full Time Trailer Living: Day 238

Well, I got out for my run again this morning. It was already really hot when we woke up, but I felt pretty good for the first two kilometers. The last kilometer and a half was tough, but every day gets a bit easier!

I love that I’m getting back into running, I’m really going to try and keep it up!

It really was too hot to do much today. We hung out in the shade pretty much all day.

Jeff’s knee started bugging him yesterday and it was worse today. I did run out and get him a knee brace which helped a bit, but we’re not sure exactly what he did. Hopefully it’s feeling better tomorrow or we’ll be heading to the emergency room to get it checked.

The good news is Luka’s paw is better today. She was still limping when we woke up, but it got better throughout the day. One gimp better, one to go!!

We had a great dinner with my mom and Paul, Brad and Kristen, and my Poppa. After dinner we went back to lounging. This is what happens when it gets too stinking humid!! We stay in the shade and try not to move too much!!

We’re not able to turn on our air while plugged into my mom’s house because the A/C draws too much power, so the trailer gets super hot during the day. We have one more super hot day ahead of us before it cools down to a more bearable temperature. So more then likely we have another day of lounging in the shade in our future!


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