Full Time Trailer Living: Day 239

We didn’t get a lot of sleep last night. Jeff’s knee was sore all night, so it was hard for him to get comfortable. It’s times like these when having a bigger space would be nice. As it stands, we were up a few times in the night, and we decided we better get him checked out today.

I went out for a quick run this morning. Better a short one, then none at all. I ran 2km, then headed home for a shower and bite to eat.

We read online that the wait times at the Sarnia emergency room was super long Monday mornings, so we waited until after lunch to head over. My mom lives pretty close to the hospital, so I dropped Jeff off, and took the truck back to her place and walked back. It seemed silly to pay for parking when we can almost see the ER from our trailer.

It was still quite a wait. We were there over 3 hours, but he had an x-ray, and was diagnosed with either a torn meniscus or ligament. The only thing he can do is rest, elevate and ice it.

We’re glad it’s nothing too serious, and hopefully he’ll be up and moving soon!

Needless to say, we had another quiet evening. That was perfectly fine with me, it was the premiere of a new season of The Bachelorette! We settled in to my mom’s with a glass of wine (thank God she has cable!)

It’s my guilty pleasure!! I love the drama!!

I’m really hoping Jeff is feeling more mobile tomorrow! We still have a few things to accomplish before we move on. This injury is putting a damper on things, but at least it’s forcing us to relax a bit!!


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