Full Time Trailer Living: Day 242

It was another super hot, humid and muggy day today. But that didn’t stop me from heading out for a run! I even managed to shave 30 seconds off my time.

After my run, we went to the casino for the cheap breakfast. It was delicious! We left our roof vents open when we left because it was so hot, and as we were heading back from breakfast a storm with downpouring rain blew in. We got back just in the knick of time and managed to get them shut right before the skies opened up! But just as quick as it started, it stopped!!

The rest of the day was spent trying to stay cool. We hung out in the shade, and even went for a drive with the air conditioner blasting!

After dinner we went for a walk with Becks and Luna. It was still sticky hot, so the dogs were pretty slow. They had a quiet evening after we got home.

Tonight the movie San Andreas was on TV. When we were in California, the RV park we stayed at in Desert Hot Springs was super close to the fault line, so we were excited to watch it. It was a bit unbelievable, and at some points pretty funny, but overall an entertaining movie.

Tomorrow we are finally getting our windshield fixed from the chip we got in Alabama. We are slowly crossing things off our to-do list!


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