Full Time Trailer Living: Day 243

The weather here is so bipolar! When we went to bed last night, it was so hot we were sweating. We woke up this morning to cold and grey, and it didn’t really improve much throughout the day. It was a nice break from the humidity, and it sounds like it is going to be much more comfortable this week.

I decided to take a break from my running today, and just took the dogs for a walk this morning instead. Luka had an upset tummy, and going for a walk seemed to help her feel better.

This afternoon we finally took the truck in to get the windshield repaired. We picked up a stone chip while we were in Alabama, and we have been putting off getting it fixed for a couple months.

We went to Speedy Auto Glass, and we were surprised to find out our insurance covers windshield repairs! They did a great job fixing the chip, and there is just a small crack remaining. And the best part, it didn’t cost us a thing!!

Here’s a picture of the small crack. Can you see it?

Since we saved that money, we decided to get the Aquapel treatment, which is basically a water repellant, on the windshield. Hopefully we don’t see any rain, and I can never give my opinion on the product!!

I made my famous stuffed burgers for dinner tonight, and then we just had a quiet evening. We are going to have a busy day tomorrow since we’re getting up early and heading to London. Jeff is going to pick up his car from his brother’s house and we are going to take it, and the truck to the Plunkett car show. It’s such a great car show, and all the profits go to charity!


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