Full Time Trailer Living: Day 325

Today would have been Wendy’s 63 birthday today. We lost her 3.5 years ago, and it really doesn’t get easier. But, we’ve decided to celebrate her every year, and it usually involves a gin and tonic or two. This year was no different.

For those of you who don’t know, Wendy had a long hard fight with leukemia.

We have dedicated time and effort every year into raising money and awareness to the Terry Fox run ever since. But we want to do more!

So for Wendy’s birthday, we’ve decided to donate to the leukemia foundation. But, we want to go big!!Our YouTube channel is slowly growing, and we are almost half way to monetization. So, we’ve decided to donate the first 6 months of income we make from YouTube to the leukemia foundation.

We have no idea how much money that will be, but we know the more people we get subscribed to our channel, watching and sharing our videos, the more money we will have to donate!

We had an interview with Blackburn news today, so hopefully they bring some light to our mission!! And our video is getting some serious views!! It’s all very exciting!

So anyways, please, help us out!! Every little bit helps!! It doesn’t cost you anything, and it only takes a minute to subscribe!!! We appreciate your love and support!

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