Full Time Trailer Living: Day 326

Yesterday we went for a walk, and went over to the track around the corner. It used to be attached to a school, but the school has been torn down. They thankfully left the track and it get used all the time!! While we were walking around it, we wondered what the distance was, so today I was determined to find out.

There are 8 lanes, and the inner lane is obviously shorter than the outside lane, so I ran each one. The total distance of all 8 laps is only 3.5km! Add in the .5km there and back, and I almost hit my 5km goal.

After my run, I got home to Jeff watching the new DJI announcement. We almost bought the spark last night, but decided to wait and see what the big news was today. Turns out, their new drone is pretty sweet!!

We’ve been talking about buying a drone for at least a year. In fact, while we were in California we tried to buy the DJI Air, but for some reason the website wouldn’t accept our credit card. I feel like that was a sign now. We were meant to wait for this new, way cooler drone.

Casey Neistat did a review of this drone, and that was the deciding factor. We knew we had to have it. And, we still had to call the bank, but they took our money this time, so it was meant to be!! It’s so weird that we had so many issues trying to buy the Air.

Anyways, if you haven’t seen the new DJI Mavic 2 Zoom, check it out:


Now we have to impatiently wait for it to be shipped. Hopefully it doesn’t take too long, because we’re super excited to try it out!

The rest of the day we spent getting the rest of our running around done for Brad and Kristen’s shower on Saturday. I think we’re ready for it now, aside from baking the cupcakes, which we will tackle tomorrow.

I dragged the pups with me for all our shopping, and I think I wore them out.

I’ll take puppy snuggles any chance I can!! How cute are they???

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