Full Time Trailer Living: Day 328

Welcome to another busy, busy day!! Like borderline exhausting day, but totally worth it.

We started off this morning getting ready for Brad and Kristen’s baby shower. It was pouring out, which was not acceptable, since the shower was supposed to be outside. We brought all the decorations we picked up the other day to my cousin Lindsay’s house, where the shower was being held. She had things under control, and we couldn’t decorate since it was still raining, so we headed home to finish getting ready.

The shower started at 2:00pm, and I’m not joking, at 1:57pm the rain stopped, and the sun came out! This shower was for Brad’s side of the family. All my cousins, and aunts and uncles were there! It was a great turn out!

They got totally spoiled!! I have to give my family props, we got them some really great stuff!!

We finally got to see Nelly, and give him the gift basket him and Steph won, while we were there too!! And we got to meet their newest babe, Matteo, and he’s absolutely adorable!

We had to leave the party early, because we were double booked today. So we took off from the shower, ran home to feed the pups, and then hit the road to Windsor.

We had reservations at the City Grill for 7:30pm for dinner, and then a comedy show with Jeff Leeson as the headliner!! So we made it to Windsor by 7, and got checked into the hotel. We made reservations for a partial river view room at the Best Western. I feel like it was more of a full river view!!

We didn’t get much of a chance to rest, because we wanted to walk to the City Grill and it was a 8 minute walk according to google.

We made it there right around the same time as Doug and Karen, and just in time for our 7:30 reservations.

We had a fantastic dinner, and then one of the weirdest comedy shows we’ve ever been to.

The emcee, Ty was just getting rolling, when all of a sudden a lady fainted. The thud she made hitting the ground was crazy. So anyways, the show got put on hold while we waited for an ambulance to come get her.

Needless to say, the show was cut short, and it was just a strange night. Don’t get me wrong, the comedians were great and handled it perfectly, but things were just off after that. It’s a bummer, but that’s show business for ya!!

After the show, we walked with Betty, Jeff (Leeson’s) mom over to the casino and met all the comics for a drink.

We also met Gerry Mendicino, who was at the comedy show, and came to hang out with us for a bit. You may recognize him from the TV show Ready or Not, or maybe The Polkadot Door. No?? How about My Big Fat Greek Wedding?? Anyways, he was a super nice guy, and we had a blast partying with everyone.

We headed back to the hotel at around 1:30am. Way past our bedtime. I was ambitious and brought my running stuff with me, but I don’t know if I’ll actually get out in the morning or not.

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