Full Time Trailer Living: Day 329

We are so old. After staying out late partying, we had a rough morning. We still got up around 9, and the Best Western had a pretty great breakfast, so we grabbed a bite to eat. I was way too tired to run, which is a bummer because I was looking forward to running the waterfront.

We took our time getting home, and had a nice drive down the river. We got home to some pretty excited pups, but then Simon got sick, and was sick all afternoon. Like sick enough that I called the vet in a panic.

Our vet is amazing, and she guessed that he had a stressful night away from us, and that he should start feeling better soon. That was the first time we left Simon over night, and apparently it will probably be the last. The vet suggested we try feeding him some boiled chicken breast, so off to the grocery store we went!

We had lots of puppy snuggles on the couch, while Jeff was a busy bee. He got the grass cut, and all three vehicles washed!! We did take Luka for a walk, and Simon for a carry, and he finally started to perk up a bit after dinner.

It took until almost 9pm, but we finally got him to eat some chicken! Thank goodness!! I was so worried about him!!

It was national dog day today, so I guess Simon was just making sure they were the center of attention!

I did get our float down video edited tonight, so that will be up soon!! It’s a really funny episode so stay tuned for that!!

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