Full Time Trailer Living: Day 332

After my super crappy run yesterday, I thought about giving up. I had my coffee, and then at 10am it was still cool out, so I figured I should just suck it up and get out there. And you know what?? I felt great today!! It’s funny how that works. Or maybe it was all the coffee I drank first!!

Simon wasn’t feeling good again today, so we just had a quiet afternoon with lots of puppy snuggles. I worked on a new bracelet, and even managed to get it done by the end of the day!!

I love it!! It’s actually two bracelets in one clasp, and next I’m going to try three!

Mom made a delicious lasagna for dinner tonight. Magically Simon started feeling better as soon as we were eating dinner. So of course he helped me finish my plate.

We had a quiet evening, with a movie we rented. Can you believe we still have a movie rental place here??? We picked up Action Point, and it was pretty funny! It’s pretty cool that we still have a movie rental place, and I’m sure we will take advantage of it again before we leave!!


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