Full Time Trailer Living: Day 333

It’s drone day!! Our tracking information stated that our drone would be delivered today, so obviously we camped out right by the mail box all morning. There is no way we were going to miss this delivery!! The good news is, I had a chance to start another new bracelet!! I love it so far!!

It finally showed up at around 12:30pm. Thank goodness we didn’t have to wait all day!!

Although, once we got it there was still a bit of a wait before we could fly it.

We unboxed it, and got it on the charger right away. While it was charging, I went for a visit with Poppa, then went for a walk around canatara with Becks and Luna. Jeff stayed home and read up on his new toy.

After a few hours, Jeff had the batteries charged and all the firmware updated. We were finally able to try it out!!

We decided to take it over to Germain to try it. There’s lots of open space there. It’s a pretty safe place for beginner drone pilots.

We are amazed with how awesome this drone is!! We don’t really have anything to compare it to, since this is our first drone, but we are really impressed!

The camera is awesome, and you can fly it so high!! We could see the bluewater bridges from the park. That has to be close to 5km away!

So obviously we’re super excited about the drone. We put together an unboxing and first flight video tonight with our footage from today, so that should be up in the morning!!

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