Full Time Trailer Living: Day 335

I had grand plans for this morning, that went right out the window when I didn’t get up at 7:30am like I had wanted. Realistically I probably should have set an alarm, but I don’t have one!! Oh well, I still had a great day, it just started a bit later then planned.

Of course when I woke up, I hit the ground running. The track around the corner is quite boring, but it gets the job done, and it feels better on my joints. It wouldn’t be so bad if it was bigger, but each turn around is only 0.5km so it took 8 laps today.

I sat outside with the pups to cool off from my run. They love the backyard!

And the sun. I had a quick shower, then packed the dogs up and went to pick up Becks and Luna. We took a nice long walk around canatara. We’ve decided next time we’re walking to the bridge so we can undo our exercise with french fries!

When I got home, it was short lived, and I was back out with mom for some shopping. We picked up a new desk for her to work on her art at. We haven’t put it together yet, she has some rearranging to do, but I’m sure we’ll be put to work tomorrow, so stay tuned for pictures. It’s really nice!

While we were out, Jeff went to meet up with his buddy who just bought a viper! They did some viper cruising around the city, then Jeff took some great drone shots of his car!

We had a rainy evening so I worked on my current bracelet project, and even got it completed! Every one I finish becomes my new favourite!! What do you think of this one??

I made this one for Becks, and I can’t wait to give it to her!! I think she’s going to love it!

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