Full Time Trailer Living: Day 336

It was so hot today!! Like too hot to do anything outdoors. So I didn’t go for my run. Instead, I hung out with my mom in her air conditioning.

She got her house organized this morning, so we built her new desk and chair for her.

It was a pretty simple build, and it looks great in her living room.

She wanted this space for her painting and artwork. I think it will work great!!

While I was taking advantage of mom’s air conditioning, we started watching a new (to us) series on Netflix. It’s called Good Girls, and it’s pretty good!! I got sucked into 3 episodes this afternoon.

When I finally got up and moving we went next door for a dip in the pool with the pups. It is a perfect 75 degrees and it was so refreshing!!

It did cool off a bit this evening, so we got out for an evening stroll with the dogs, and then settled in to watch Ready Player One.

It was really good!! Like I would watch it again good. And I found out at the end of the movie, it’s based on a novel, so that is going to be my next book to read!! I’ll let you know which is better, but my bet is on the book!

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