Full Time Trailer Living: Day 337

It was another scorcher today. Like way too hot to run, again. I love the heat, but it sure does make it hard to exercise. I’ve decided to start the 21 day fix today too, along with my running. I’m only doing the workouts tho, I like wine and bread too much to follow the diet!!

Normally I would do my workout outside too, but since it was so hot I took over my mom’s living room instead. I forgot how great the workouts are!! I was a pool of sweat by the end of it!! I sat down to have a break and some water after and my arms were like jello!! I know I’m going to be super sore tomorrow!! It’s the best feeling!!

We decided to try and cool off by taking the car for a drive this afternoon. There was a beautiful breeze that picked up this afternoon, but we just couldn’t get it into the trailer, so the trailer was an oven. We had a great time out cruising! The sky had the big beautiful fluffy white clouds, and the breeze felt fantastic!

We went for an afternoon frozen yogurt, then headed home to figure out dinner.

Jeff decided to take the drone for a flight this evening before the storm rolled in.

He got some great shots of the neighborhood. One nice thing about the drone is we’re able to check out our roof without having to climb up on top of it!

I’m actually shocked at how white it is!! And it’s in pretty good shape, considering we haven’t done anything to it yet!!

We ended the night in front of the tv. We rented the movie Tag, and it was hilarious!! The best part is it’s based on a true story. Those are my favorite!!

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