Full Time Trailer Living: Day 338

My legs hurt soooo bad!! I didn’t really think I would be that bad this morning, I mean, I’ve been running pretty consistently for the past few months. Apparently running doesn’t use half the muscles you think it does.

So after limping out of bed, and struggling with the stairs, I highly debated not doing any exercise. But my brain told me I would be fine if I just got moving. My brain was wrong. I managed to run almost 4km, but it was painfully slow.

Then, after my embarrassing run, before I could think about it too much, I did my 21 day fix workout. Today was arm day, so it wasn’t too bad, but I’m definitely worried for leg day tomorrow.

We are in the process of getting ready to hit the road, so we are trying to cross things off the list. Today we went in to Bayview and booked all of our service appointments, and went to the pharmacy to order all our medications for the year. Slowly but surely we are getting things in order, and it’s exciting!

We’re also online shopping for a tire pressure monitor system. I have no idea which one to pick. There’s such a range in prices, do you go with a cheap one and hope for the best?? Like they range from $59 to $700. How is that even possible??

I tried out a new recipe for dinner tonight and it was a total hit!! We love chow mein, and I’ve never tried making it. It’s usually a treat we order in every once and a while, but it was so easy to make! This is the recipe I used:


The only thing I did different was add some broccoli to the celery. If you like chow mein, you’ll love this recipe!

Jeff snuck out for a river run, and I tried another pinterest recipe this evening. We love the trifle at Overflow Cafe, so I thought I would try making one. I’m shocked, but it turned out great!!

Here’s the recipe I used for the trifle:


The other day while I was out shopping with mom, I picked up this laptop desk at jysk. It was such a great purchase!

This is going to make my editing much more comfortable. Stay tuned for a new video. It’s in the works!

2 Replies to “Full Time Trailer Living: Day 338”

  1. Go to tireminder.com, they are the best one out there. I have the middle range one. It worked great during our trip to Nova Scotia. It picked up a leak on our trailer and saved us from serious damage.


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