Full Time Trailer Living: Day 339

Leg update: they’re still sore. I really didn’t think I was that out of shape, but I officially feel old!! That didn’t stop me from doing leg day today, but it did stop me from going for a run.

We worked on a new intro today. It’s essentially the same as our old intro, but with more motion. It’s going to be in our next video, so keep an eye out for it.

We also worked on an intro for Jeff’s next video too. He did most of the work, I just helped with the logo. It’s going to be a great video, I can tell just from the 6 seconds he has done so far.

We both have a fire lit under our asses after another shoutout on YouTube from Quinton TV. He said a lot of really nice things about Jeff and our travel channel. Check it out:

We took a break from the computer, and the heat, and went in to visit the girls at Overflow Cafe. We had a great lunch, then went back to work. It was super hot again today, so we had to take another break later in the afternoon and hop in the pool. That pool had been such a lifesaver in the humidity. Thank goodness my mom’s neighbor is so nice!

We dunked the dogs as well to cool them off. They hate getting wet, and they always run around the backyard trying to dry off after. It’s totally adorable!

I did get a video completed this evening! It’s being uploaded at this very moment, so it will be up in the morning!! Remember to check out our new intro and let us know what you think!

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