Full Time Trailer Living: Day 340

We had a doozy of a storm last night, and I missed the whole thing!! I was deep in edit mode, and this is what I created:


We had a quiet morning, researching new computers because Jeff did this to mine last night.

It still works fine, I edited that whole video with the cracked screen, but we priced out getting the screen repaired and it is almost the cost of a new computer.

We had been talking about getting an external hard drive for our videos, so this just changed our plan. We found a laptop, very similar to what we were using, but a bit faster, at The Source. So we decided we will buy the new laptop, and once we have it all set up, we will attempt to fix the screen ourselves. We watched a YouTube video, and it really doesn’t look that hard. Once our old laptop is fixed, that will become our storage computer, and Jeff’s editing computer. That should work just fine, if everything goes to plan.

We worked on the yard today. Jeff cut the grass and I did the weed whacking, then I headed out to buy the new laptop. We actually didn’t have to spend any of our own money on the laptop, thanks to the cash back on our credit card.

Jeff filmed an unboxing of it, so stay tuned for another video coming soon.

We finished off the night, with a beautiful sunset. I was out for a walk with Becks and the pups. The sky was so ridiculous, I texted Jeff to tell him to get some drone footage of it!

That was the view from the ground. This is the view from the air.

It was so beautiful! And a great end to the day.

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