Full Time Trailer Living: Day 341

Finally my legs feel better enough to run!! I decided to skip the 21 day fix, and just push myself during my run. I felt great out there today, and did 5km under 32 minutes!!

After my run, I ran out to Poppa’s to help him pick his remaining tomatoes and onions. There weren’t many left, but we got them all. It wasn’t a great year for tomatoes or onions this year. Too hot and too wet this summer.

When I got home, Jeff had just finished rescuing a cat from our tree. Don’t worry, he got the whole thing on video. The neighbour boys were able to find the owner, so she’s home and safe.

We got ourselves all dressed up, and made our way to London this evening. We had tickets to see Mick Foley, with Jeff Leeson opening for him, at the London Music Hall. We went a bit early, and had a delicious dinner at Five Guys.

The show didn’t start until 8:30, but they were doing a meet and greet before the show, so we headed over a bit early to meet Jeff’s mom Betty. She was able to get us in early, and even got Jeff in to meet Mick!! How amazing is that???

The show was great! Jeff really enjoyed it. I didn’t watch wrestling, so I didn’t know who he was, but aside from not knowing the people he was talking about, he was very entertaining. He’s a great storyteller.

We headed home after the show, and hopped right into bed. We have a super busy day tomorrow, so we need to get our beauty rest!


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