Full Time Trailer Living: Day 342

We both started off this day running. Jeff figuratively, and me literally. Jeff took the viper to a car show in town put on by Enbridge. It was a great turnout, and he even got to fly his drone a bit!

I headed to Canatara for The Run of Exploding Colour. My mom joined me, and we met up with my girlfriend Jen, her friend Catherine and their kiddos.

This colour run was 5km, with coloured powder being tossed at us every kilometer.

It was so much fun!! And I recorded a whole bunch of footage, so I’m definitely making a video out of it!!

We finished the 5km in about 45 minutes, which wasn’t too bad since we walked most of it.

They had a bunch of colour packets at the end of the run, so we had some fun and got some great shots!

After our run, we had to refuel our body, so we ran home for a quick shower, then met Jeff for breakfast at the Overflow.

We had a pretty chill afternoon. Jeff is working on a new video for his channel and I started on a new bracelet.

We were back on the move this evening. Jeff Leeson was performing at the Petrolia arena as part of the Petrolia fair, so we went for the show. It was great!! The crowd was fantastic, and his show was hilarious. Seriously, if you haven’t been to one of his shows, you have to check it out. He’s always in the southwestern Ontario area, so there’s no excuse if you’re from this area. If you’re not from this area, fret not! He is planning a bunch of tours, including some of the United States! Check out his website for future tour dates:


After that extremely long day, we headed home and right to bed. We are not used to being so busy, but it sure was a fun day!!

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