Full Time Trailer Living: Day 345

We were up and moving at a decent time today. We had an appointment at Bayview, so we had to get over there before 10:30. I decided to run from there instead of taking the shuttle home. My original plan was to run to the water, but changed my mind half way and headed for the track instead. Running on the track really is better on my joints.

Jeff finished up a video today. He did a parody of one of his favorite youtubers, VinWiki, and he nailed it!! Check it out:

Once you’ve watched his, check out the channel Vinwiki and compare. It’s pretty bang on!!

We walked back over to pick up the truck this afternoon, and Luka started limping. She’s getting pretty old, so I think she probably just tweaked something, but I’m going to keep an eye on her. I’d rather get her checked here, then when we are on the road.

I finished up a bracelet this evening, and decided to actually keep this one. I love the purpley blue beads in this one!

I think I might actually start an etsy shop. I looked into the bracelets on there, and I’m way undervaluing my work. Anyways, most of the full time rver’s seem to have etsy shops, so might as well join the masses! I really don’t know how else I would advertise them. I tried on Instagram, and got one order, but I think that was kind of a fluke!

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