Full Time Trailer Living: Day 347

I got up this morning, had my coffee, lounged around for a bit, then strapped on my runners. I still haven’t picked up my B12 pills, but I wanted to get out for a run regardless.

I did my usual 5km. I really want to up my distance, and I think I will get there soon. I usually hit a wall around 3km, and I did today too, but I pushed through.

After my run, we went in to Overflow for breakfast. We hung out there for a bit with the girls, then I went to the Waterbug, one of our local vitamin stores. I decided to try the sublingual B12 tablets to see how they work. I’m guessing it will take a bit for my B12 to rebound, and I can’t wait to see how it affects my running.

I worked on the bracelet order this afternoon for a bit, then we picked up pizza and went over to hang out with my brother and Kristen. She is due tomorrow, and we are super excited to meet my niece. I really hope she goes into labour soon!!!

After dinner and a nice visit, we headed home so I could do some work. I put together our next video and it will be coming out tomorrow!!

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