Full Time Trailer Living: Day 348

I didn’t really feel like running this morning, so I took the dogs for a walk instead. We just walked around the block, then I whipped up breakfast.

This afternoon I went over to hang out with my dad and Suzie. One of their friends was in a pretty bad motorcycle accident this morning. It is really scary. He was riding down London Line, and some lady pulled right out into him. Apparently, she was too busy putting her coffee into her cupholder to pay attention to the road. I sure hope she’s charged with something.

So anyways, my dad’s friend is in the hospital with a broken femur and a bunch of other injuries. I really hope he has a quick recovery.

When I got home we played around with a few different features on the drone. It does some really cool quick shots, including this one.

Before the sun set, I went over to Becks and took the pups for another walk before bed.

I was able to finish up my bracelet tonight too. This has to be my new favourite!! It’s so cute!!

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