Full Time Trailer Living: Day 349

I don’t think I’ve touched on this, and I usually try to stay pretty positive and upbeat in my blog, but I have to complain a bit. There has been construction going on in my mom’s neighborhood for pretty much the entire summer. They are installing some sort of high speed internet lines, which means they have to dig holes and use this ginormous vacuum truck that is super loud, and they start every morning at 7am. Including Saturday’s. Today was no exception. It’s starting to get a tad bit frustrating.

So anyways, since we were up super early, we headed to a car show here in town. It’s another charity event, and all the proceeds go to the salvation army. This is actually it’s 10th annual event, but it was our first time attending.

We were very impressed! I mean, the cars were pretty much the same cars we see at every car show in this area, but the event itself was very well run. The turnout was great too!

Once we parked, we had to register. It was $10 to enter, and you got a bunch of doorprize tickets. And wouldn’t you know it, 10 minutes later our number got drawn!!

We won a bottle of scotch!! I don’t know if we like scotch, but we sure will try it!!

It was lots of fun. We saw a bunch of friends and some pretty cool cars.

We stayed at the show for a few hours. We left early afternoon, and headed home to our pups. I didn’t want to bring them because it was supposed to be hot. Instead it stayed overcast, and they totally could have come with us, but they had a nice lazy morning with my mom.

This afternoon we did a grocery run, and then had a quiet evening and early night. We were super tired from an early morning and a busy day, and tomorrow is going to be the same, so we’re hoping to be more well rested.

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