Full Time Trailer Living: Day 351

Today was not great. It was so hot, and I decided to run anyways. It didn’t turn out well. I was so slow, and I had to walk a couple times. I haven’t had a run that bad in a while.

But I still got out there, which is better then not trying.

Needless to say, the heat knocked me on my ass, and I really didn’t feel like moving the rest of the morning.

I did get our video uploaded and live tho! Check it out:

This afternoon I was craving a peanut butter iced cappuccino from Coffee Lodge. If you’ve never had one, I highly recommend you try it. It is seriously so good!! They’re ridiculously expensive and probably have 1000 calories, but they taste so damn good.

We decided to ride our bikes over to get one, so at least we could burn off the calories we were about to indulge in.

It was too hot to bring the dogs, so they stayed at my mom’s. After we picked up the iced cap, we decided to ride to the river, and take the long way home.

It was a beauty ride.

We headed home, and decided to do chicken wings for dinner. A little backstory here, we have been talking about cleaning the oven for quite some time. Every time we turn the oven on, it smokes because I spilt oil in the bottom when I was making yorkies. I think you can probably see where this is going.

I turned the oven on, put in the wings, and sat down on the couch to hang out with the dogs in the air conditioning. About 25 minutes in to the 35 minute cook time I looked up and saw the oven glowing a nice orange colour. Yup, it was on fire!

And not just a little fire. I opened the oven door and black smoke came billowing out!! I had to pull out the wings and douse the flames with baking soda!! I really wish I thought to take a picture or video of it, because it was quite the fire!!

Good news is, the wings were fine, and they tasted delicious!

I took the pups over for an evening stroll with Becks and Luna after dinner. It took the sun setting for it to be cool enough to walk with them.

I also started my etsy shop tonight. I still have to add some more designs, but here’s the link:


Hopefully I’ll get some orders soon! Please feel free to share with your friends!!

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