Full Time Trailer Living: Day 352

We started off the day with a visit from our friend Brian. We had coffee and a great visit on the back deck. It was really nice. While we were sitting out back I turned on the oven cleaner. We wanted to have a roast dinner tonight, so I thought I’d better make sure we weren’t going to have another fire while cooking.

After Brian left I decided I should probably get out and try a run. After my epic fail yesterday, I was a bit discouraged but I went anyway! It was later in the day then I normally run, but there was a nice breeze today so it wasn’t too bad.

I took a different route today to try and get out of my running rut. It didn’t really work. I still hit a wall, but I think part of that is still from my b12 issues.

After getting out for my run, I felt much better about lounging this afternoon. I put on Ocean’s 8 to watch with my mom, and we got to watch half before we realized we had to start on dinner.

We had a delicious roast dinner with only one small mishap. Nothing as bad as a fire in the oven or anything. Just a broken dish and gravy everywhere!! No big deal. Never a dull moment when I’m cooking I tell ya.

After dinner I went to the mall for a power shop with Becks. We got a bunch of great deals!! I picked up 2 pairs of workout capris for $5 each!! I feel like I stole them!

I finished up Oceans 8 tonight. I really enjoyed it!! I’m not a great judge because it has to be a really bad movie for me not to like it, but I definitely recommend Oceans 8!


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