Full Time Trailer Living: Day 355

The weather network said it was poor running conditions today.

Did I listen? No. Well, kind of. I still went out, but I didn’t push it. I just did a slow 3km.

After I got back, I decided to do a 21 day fix workout. I did the flat abs fix. That made me feel better about only jogging 3km.

The rest of the afternoon we just kinda lounged around. I hung out with my mom, and then got ready for dinner at my dad and Suzie’s.

We had a delicious dinner, and it was so good to see everyone. Brad and Kristen even came, which was shocking because she is very pregnant. It was a great night. It’s not very often we all get together.

When we got home, The Fast and The Furious number 7 was on tv. That’s the one where Paul Walker died before it was finished. Fun fact, they used his brothers in a few scenes to finish the movie. We tried to find the scenes where it wasn’t Paul. After watching that, it made me want to watch all of them. It’s such a good franchise!

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