Full Time Trailer Living: Day 357

Talk about a motivator. Becks got me compression socks, so of course I had to go for a run to test them out!! These ones are supposed to stop your legs from swelling and aching. I really don’t know if my legs swell, but I do get shin splints easily, so hopefully they’ll help with that too. I’m not sure if these are the same as actual runner’s compression socks. These ones are from Avon, but they seemed to work pretty good!!

I just did a 4km run today. I felt pretty good, and even did some sprints at the track.

After my run, I called to book us back in at Wildwood RV and Golf Resort for a week. We are planning a trip down to spend some more time with Jeff’s dad and Karen before we hit the road. We are getting so close to our departure date!!

We went out for lunch today with mom. Match Eatery at the casino has different specials each day of the week. Today is their $11 pizza, and I’m hooked on their So Cal pizza.

We had a great meal, and then decided to try our hands at the slot machines. We put $20 into the Wheel of Fortune machine and won $141!! It was a good day!

When we got home, Jeff washed both vehicles, and installed our logo on our truck. We won a contest on Instagram a while back, and it took forever to arrive, and then the weather didn’t cooperate for us to install it.

We decided to put it dead center in the window. I think it looks amazing!!

What do you think??

Now that we’re into fall, all of our TV shows are coming back on. I crawled into bed early to watch the season opener of 9-1-1. It was so good!! This is only the 2nd season of it. If you didn’t watch last year, you totally missed out!

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