Full Time Trailer Living: Day 360

This morning I had grand ambitions to go for a run. It’s been a couple days of dreary weather and today was looking much better. But, duty called. We hadn’t put a video up in almost a week, so I decided to start on a new video.

We have a ton of drone footage, so it only made sense to showcase some of the cool shots we’ve taken. I got quite a bit of the video done this morning before my step mom Suzie came to pick me up.

She took me out for lunch and some birthday shopping! It was so much fun!! I think I’m set for running gear for the next year!! She bought me some new leggings and some bright pink compression socks!!

The socks are actually made by a local company here in Sarnia. They’re called Odd Duck Socks, and they make the coolest compression socks ever! Check out their website:


When I got home, Jeff had finished up my video for me. It turned out awesome, and we decided to get it uploaded right away. We got the process started, then headed over to spend some time with Brad, Kristen and baby Ellie. Jeff finally got to meet our niece, although she slept through most of our visit.

They seem to be doing pretty well adjusting to their new lives, and I’m so proud of them! They’re going to be great parents!!

This evening I took the pups for a long walk with Becks and Luna. On our way out we stopped by the track where I run.

Jeff took his bike over there to try the active track feature on the drone.

It’s pretty neat. You set it to focus on one object, and it will follow that object wherever it goes!

After all that excitement, we got our drone video live on YouTube!! Check it out and let us know what you think!!

We finished off the night watching The Distaster Artist. It was a strange movie, but it was pretty good!! And the fact that it’s a movie based on a book about the making of the movie is pretty neat!!

Needless to say, I ran out of time to go for a run today. Tomorrow, first things first, I’m strapping on those bright pink socks and hitting the ground running!!!

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