Full Time Trailer Living: Day 361

True to my word, I started off my day with a run. It was just a bit later then I thought it would be, because we totally slept in.

I haven’t run in 3 days, and I think I needed that break, because I felt pretty good out there today. And I wore my new Odd Duck socks so I looked good too!!

I ran my usual 5km, and it definitely wasn’t my fastest time, but I didn’t stop or have to walk, so I’d say that’s a win!

Our new tow mirrors arrived today!! We had to take our current mirrors into bayview because they have a paint defect and have been chipping. So we brought our new mirrors, and swapped them out so we could leave our mirrors there to get painted.

Good thing we decided to do the swap there. In order to change the mirrors, our whole door pannel had to come off!! What a pain! But, it’s done, and they look great!

I picked them up off amazon, and they have all the same features as our stock mirrors!! Jeff calls them truck muscles when they are flipped up for towing.

This is what we chose, and so far they are great:


I made a homemade mac and cheese for dinner, and then before the sunset, we took the drone out. We had a suggestion to take it over to the old hospital here in town that’s in the middle of demolition. Jeff got some amazing shots of the building!

If you have any ideas for some cool drone shots, let us know!! We are open to suggestions!

We finished up the day snuggling with the pups and watching TV. It’s always my favourite part of the day!!

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