Full Time Trailer Living: Day 362

It was a beauty day to be outside. After my morning coffee, I warmed up for my run by taking the pups for a quick walk around the block.

I felt so good today on my run.

I was able to shave almost 2 minutes off my time yesterday!! I’m still not quite to my goal time of 30 minutes, but I still am pretty proud of my progress.

We have had a broken drill all summer. Now that we’re into crunch time, we decided we’d better do something about it. It’s not actually the drill that’s broken, it’s the battery charger. But I looked up a replacement online and it was $60!! It didn’t seem to bad, until I looked at the flyers and found out for $30 more, we can get a brand new drill!!

So, we decided to head to Lowe’s for a drill. We picked up a Dewalt drill, with 2 batteries and a carrying case for $98!! Not a bad deal, and the best part is, Jeff could finally start on my hunny-do list.

Everything looks so good!! And I’m so excited to have hooks in the bathroom again!

While Jeff was hard a work, I took the pups for another walk, this time in not so favourable weather, but it was worth it, because it was with Becks and Luna. It sprinkled on us, but luckily we got our walk in before the downpour.

Anyways, like I said, we’re in to crunch time. Tomorrow, we have a ton of things to do, and then we hit the road!!! I’m so excited to get moving, and our first stop is obviously Essex to go spend time with Jeff’s family!!

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