Full Time Trailer Living: Day 363

We had such a busy day today. There’s always a ton to do before hitting the road, but there’s even more to do when you’ve been stationary for a while.

I started off my day going to the farmer’s market with my mom and picking up a few things for the trip. While I was gone, Jeff started organizing our under storage. We figured there were some things we haven’t used in the past year that we could leave behind to lighten our load.

Next up, we organized the inside of our trailer. I emptied the cupboards, we reorganized the storage under the bed, and did a light clean. We always end up cleaning again at our next location because rhe movement stirs up all the dust!!

After we started laundry, we hit the road for London. We had to take Jeff’s car to his brother’s house. It was a sad day for him, saying goodbye to his car. But we’re not planning on leaving Ontario until mid month, so he will probably get to drive it at least once more before we go.

We came home to this cool sticker from our friend Ryan.

He has a chinook truck camper, and he put the same sticker on his camper. This was the message he gave with it.

Aren’t our friends the greatest??

Anyways, we popped by his house for a visit this evening. It wasn’t a long visit though, we were exhausted!! Luckily we have a week to recoup from all this hard work!

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