Full Time Trailer Living: Day 364

We woke up to rain again today. I feel like the weather has continuously gotten worse and worse, so I’m super excited to say we’re on the move today!!

I figured I should at least get out for a short run this morning, since we’ll be stuck in the car this afternoon. It was rainy and cold.

I guess the crappy weather was good motivation, because I put down my fastest time yet!! I only did 3km, but it’s still progress!

We took our time getting packed up because the weather was so crummy. And it worked. By the time we were ready to pack up the outdoor stuff it was no longer raining. Everything was muddy, but at least we didn’t get soaked too!

We hit the road around 2 and headed south. We’re staying a week at Wildwood RV and Golf Resort, and I’m so excited to get on the road. We took the back roads, and at one point we had about 7 or 8 cars stuck behind us.

I was able to see them so good with our new mirrors!! I felt a bit bad holding them all up, but in my defense, I was driving 10 over the speed limit. If I’m completely honest, we may have had a bit of a chuckle, because it’s usually Jeff stuck in the back of a whole line of cars.

The good news is, we drove out of the cold overcast weather!! It was 8°C warmer once we got past Chatham, and we even saw the sun!!!

When we got to Wildwood, Jeff pulled out the drone while I was getting us registered. He was able to fly the drone from the passenger seat, and recorded us pulling into the park!

Our site this week is amazing!! We’re super excited to spend the week with Doug and Karen, and maybe hit up a winery or two!!

We had a great dinner with Doug and Karen this evening, and had a pretty early night. We were all pretty wiped from such a busy day.

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